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I'm thinking about taking English newspaper to improve English skills

I think I have to improve my English skills because I'm planning to change my job that needs to communicate in English.

To write English article on this weblog like this is one of my attempt to improve English skills, and to take English newspaper is also my attempt.

There is a helpful article for me on website.

英語力が笑えるほど伸びる英字新聞の読み方を紹介する | 黒坂岳央の超・英語ブログ

In this article, Takeo who is an authour of the website, describes how to read and utilize English newspapers. I want you to read the article because it is so fun.

English newspapers are useful for us as non-native English speaker because we can study how to describe and we can get some latest news in minimul time.

Also, he describes that it's important to continue reading English articles. I agree with his opinion. I have continued reading English articles on the site of NHK World, but he says it's important to pay a charge to read English articles because we try to get some considerations if we pay a charge. 

Print newspaper is also good to read English articles he says. If we subscribe an online edition, we may stop reading in the biginning because it's difficult for us to read English articles. But if we subscribe paper-based edition, we can continue reading because we can get substantial one.

Because of these benefits, I consider to take English newspaper. Anyway, I applied trial reading of The Japan Times Alpha today. I'll post some impressions on this weblog at an early date.


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