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I noticed that the best method of learning English is to write my opinion in Engilsh. It will be OK if your Einglish is wrong. Also it will be OK if your writings is short. The important thing is to express your opinion in your English.

I have come to use dictionary

I had used word book to expand my bocablary, but I had noticed that it was inefficient way to expand my bocabulary because reading word book is a quite boring for me.

Therefore I have to find the another method. That is to write my opinion in English.

I have started writing some articles in English, I noticed that I have come to use dictionary to write. This was very good change for me.

Because of my poor English ability, especially my English grammar ability is terrible, I had had to learn how to use it. Dictionary tells me about all of this. I don't need to fish out some English text books that were uesd in high school days from bookshelf. 

I have come to think what I want to tell about

English grammar has a characteristic that it recuires to describe conclusion first than Japanese grammar. 

When I write something in Japanese, I often focus on Objects first because Japanese grammar has a type of SOV. However, English grammar has a type of SVO. This means I have to think about what happend first when I write something in English.

This change brings about change to me. I think I have come to be able to find a clear thing to tell about since I have come to write my opinion in English.

But to know some trendy words, I have to keep reading newspapers

Writing in English is better way to improve English skills, but adopting only this method is nonsense. I also need to read newspapers that written in English because it's important to know about trendy words and how to use these words.


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