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Today is holiday for new adults


The theme of this week is "Hatachi (二十歳)". The theme program has been run by Hatena Blog. See here: 今週のお題 - はてなブログ ヘルプ

In Japan, there is a custom to conguratulate those who turned or will turn 20 years old on January 13. The person who is 20 years old, we call him/her "Seijin (成人)".

I had been seijin 8 years ago. When I was around 20, I had been in Akita and I was Sophomore of Akita Prefectural University. I had spent all my time working a part-time job. I was a staff of UNIQLO.

At university, I had put my heart into studying electrical subjects. Laboratory experiment was a hard task for me, especially writing a report. I used to write an report with my university friend on Skype every day until late at night.

We were daredevil, but I think it was so fun. I am so surprised because I noticed that my around 20s is 8 years ago! I think that it would be good if I meet my university friends and talk about some memories and about the future.


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