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English Skills

Today is holiday for new adults

今週のお題である「二十歳」にちなんで、僕が二十歳だった頃を振り返ってみたいと思います。英語で。 The theme of this week is "Hatachi (二十歳)". The theme program has been run by Hatena Blog. See here: 今週のお題 - はてなブログ ヘルプ In Japan…

To not be a "Mikka Bouzu"

Do you know a Japanese proverb "Mikka Bouzu (三日坊主)"? This proverb means the person who is so fickle. "Mikka" means three days and "Bouzu" means a young man or a boy. Then I translate correctly this proberb, the boy decided to challenge…

I'll continue to post English article to improve my English skills

I have a dream. I want to work as global electrical engineer and make the world more sustainable one. In order to do that, I have to acquire more deeply technical knowledge and English communication skills. I have understood that my englis…


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