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I had dreamed that I boarded a ship and played video games with my friends

I'll tell you about two dreams that I had dreamed yesterday.

A dream that I had boarded ship

Last night I had dreamed that I had boarded ship. Wave was high.

I have never dreamed the dream like this, I decided to search the meaning of this dream.

There is a "Yume Uranai (夢占い)" in Japan. "Yume Uranai" is a kind of counsel. You will be able to know what you think in your deep mind when you use "Yume Uranai".

According to the Yume Uranai, The dream about boarding ship means my future. 

When you dreamed about boarding ship, you should think about your future.

I recently have thought about job-change and have been worried. Yume Uranai is great!

A dream that I had played video game with my colleagues 

Next dream is about playing vide game with my colleagues. According to the Yume Uranai site,

You might plan something or develop a strategy in your mind. Or you might want to take a rest because you have been working hard to keep up. know everything about me...I have just planned to change my job.


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