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It’s important to instruct subordinate as clearly as possible

I was reprimanded by my superior yesterday.

Cause was that I couldn't revise a material as he said. I just don't want to do so. I capture his instruction as an advice. I notice that I have to check what I have to do next as concrete as possible. 
In addition, I notice that I have to instruct my subordinate as clearly as possible. If I don't do so, my subordinate may bring their projects as I don't hope so.

My superior give me some advices, but they often be vagueness. Therefore I device my work, but he often deny my work.

If you want somebody behave as you want to, it's important to instruct as clearly as possible. If you instruct your subordinate with vagueness instruction, your subordinate will make ideas to make it better, but they may not bring their project as you think. 

In Japanese traditional company, this tendency  is strong I think. In Japan, there is a custom called "Sontaku (忖度)". "Sontaku" is to surmise what your superior want to do and pursue it. Sontaku is good for superiors because they can instruct their subordinate with a minimun communication. A frightening thing is that the superiors can pass the buck to their subordinates, if they are the lowest of the low, because they didn't instruct them with no concrete instructions.

I think the custom like this hinder the growth of ourselves. 


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