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To not be a "Mikka Bouzu"

Do you know a Japanese proverb "Mikka Bouzu (三日坊主)"?

This proverb means the person who is so fickle. "Mikka" means three days and "Bouzu" means a young man or a boy. Then I translate correctly this proberb, the boy decided to challenge something and he had done for three days, but he couldn't do in his fourth day because he was fickled.

As article that posted on yesterday, I am determined to post an English article everyday and I mustn't be a "Mikka Bouzu".

To not be a "Mikka Bouzu", I put up a notice of my declaration written as "I will post an English article everyday on my weblog" on the wall of restroom! Why on the wall of restroom? I will use it everyday so I can see it everyday.


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