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I'll continue to post English article to improve my English skills

I have a dream. I want to work as global electrical engineer and make the world more sustainable one. In order to do that, I have to acquire more deeply technical knowledge and English communication skills.

I have understood that my english ability is poor because the latest TOEIC(R) score is 530. This article may be used bad English, but I bear shame to post it because I want to communicate in English of myself.

How to be a person who I want to be

According to "TOEIC master" article, the person who has 500 of TOEIC(R) score should expand his/her vocabulary to make 600 for first.

Second is to improve English reading skill.

Third is to improve English writing skill.

I decide to make 15 minutes everyday to expand my vocabulary with  vocavulary book, and make 15 minutes everyday to read English article posted on NHK world, and make 30 minutes everyday to post English article on this my weblog!


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